Health Vlogging on YouTube

Health video blogs (vlogs) allow individuals with different health conditions to share their stories, experiences, and knowledge with the general public.

Health vlog screenshot with comment

Furthermore, health vlogs help in creating a connection between the vlogger and the viewers. There is a unique affordance from the video medium that health vlogs encourages as opposed to text-based blogs. Specifically in these projects, I looked at two different populations on YouTube—people with a chronic illness and people trying to conceive.


Using an already rich secondary data source, I was interested in understanding the connections that were created through the sharing of experiences on the YouTube platform. I was also interested in how one might think of designing such platforms that encourage the sharing of experiences while fostering a genuine connection through video.


  • Systematic data collection via YouTube
  • Open coding of the data
  • Affinity analysis diagramming
  • Grounded theory


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( PDF ) Jina Huh, Leslie S. Liu, Tina Neogi, Kori Inkpen, and Wanda Pratt. 2014. Health Vlogs as Social Support for Chronic Illness Management. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI).