Moto App

The Moto app is Motorola’s flagship application. The updated app provides users with Motorola features that have been designed to create a unique and personalized mobile experience.

I helped deliver an update to the Moto app to deliver a more personalized Motorola experience—the Moto app is meant to provide timely information that is dependent on how a consumer uses their phone. In October 2017, we shipped an update to the Moto app on Motorola Moto X4 devices.

2017 Moto features


Working closely on a global, cross-functional team that includes other designers, content strategists, engineers, and product management, my goals as the lead design researcher is to conduct research using the appropriate method that guides the features and designs of the Moto app to create meaningful and delightful experiences for consumers.

For example, through card sorting and interview studies, we were able to determine feature definition for the Moto app based on what was valuable to users.

Card sort research


At Motorola, I used a variety of research methods that include:

  • Interviews (in-person and remote)
  • Card sorting
  • Secondary research anaylses (e.g., literature reviews)
  • Competitive device evaluations
  • Use-over-time studies
  • Intercept studies
  • Task analysis
  • Cognitive walkthroughs
  • Surveys
  • Focus groups